Friday, March 13, 2009


  1. Excellent, excellent, excellent. Will the saga continue next week? I am just dying to read more about the adventures of the villainous Grimace Government.

  2. Good stuff -- I will comment later when I have to compose ... :-)

  3. What a cliff hanger. I will read the pape today to peek at how this story is going...

  4. I am glad to see that you mentioned corruption as one of the main causes. Another is who benefits from changing the laws and regulations. Follow who will end up with the money and you'll find the true cause.

    Major mistakes are ALWAYS easily predicted because they are preceded by changes that make what will happen obvious:

    If you guarantee Savings & Loans that the government will repay their bad loans are you really surprised to get the Savings and Loan crisis?

    If you change how Executives are paid from being based on REAL PROFITS generated by their companies to the value of their stock are you really surprised their creative accounting and stock market games brought us Cash Pensions, corporations selling off valuable assets, eliminating positions, sending jobs offshore, and much more?

    When will we stop rewarding corruption and writing books about those who have enough sense of timing that they can pocket the assets of a Corporation and exit so that the next executives get left holding the bag and getting the blame?

    Who benefited from the fiasco you're covering now? Is government in charge or just another pawn in the game too?